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  1. 12v Mains Adapter for TSC Scales
    Replacement Pads / Feet for Platform Scales

    Replacement Pads / Feet for Platform Scales

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  2. Dini Argeo Wireless 6000Kg Portable Axle Weighing System
    Dini Argeo Wireless 24,000Kg Portable Axle Weighing System

    Starting at £655.00

    Dini Argeo Wireless 24,000Kg Total Portable Axle Weighing System

    Full System Kit includes everything you need to weigh up to 24 tonnes in total. 

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  3. Ohaus Ranger Count 3000
    Ohaus Ranger Count 3000

    Reliable Counting Scales to Ensure Accurate Results

    • Weighing, Parts Counting, Check Counting & more
    • Maximum capacities from 1.5kg to 30kg
    • Ultra-high internal resolution 1:1,500,000
    • 210 hours with rechargeable battery
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  4. Ohaus Ranger 7000
    Ohaus Ranger 7000
    • Extremely durable scale designed to thrive in rugged industrial environments

      • Capacities 3kg to 60kg
      • Weighing, Parts counting, checkweighing, percent weighing & many more
      • Stainless Steel Platform
      • Trade approved (-M) Models
      • GB & EU Models for different working temperatures
      • MHD models include Internal Calibration
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  5. Ohaus Defender 3000 Low Profile
    Ohaus Defender 3000 Low Profile
    • Capacities up to 60kg
    • Easy Carrying Handle
    • Basic counting mode
    • Low Profile Design 
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  6. Kern EOB
    Kern EOB

    The best sellers in parcel & veterinary scales

    • Battery operated
    • Capacities from 15kg to 300kg
    • Simple and convenient 4 key operation
    • Protective Working Cover Included
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  7. DEFENDER™ 3000 - I-D33
    Ohaus Defender 3000
    • Built-in RS232 for printing and data connection
    • New: Dynamic weighing - enabling weighing of an unstable load
    • Low Profile, Stainless Steel and Washdown Versions
    • Capacity up to 600kg
    • Modular Design
    • 1"/25mm high LCD weight display with high-contrast backlight
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  8. VWB Wireless Weigh Beams
    VWB Wireless Weigh Beams

    Wireless Portable Mild Steel Weigh Beams

    • Capacity from 2000kg to 6000kg
    • Long wireless range
    • Perfect for factories where wires get damaged
    • Windows Software & Dongle included as standard
    • Optional Tablet Display
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  9. Dini Argeo WWSCRF Pads
    Dini Argeo WWSCRF Pads
    As low as £1,230.00
  10. Seca 400 Power Adaptor
    Seca 400 Power Adaptor

    Seca 400 power adapter for baby scales, column scales and flat scales.

    Switch-mode power adapter for baby scales Seca 376 and Seca 336 as well as for column and flat scales Seca 703, Seca 704, Seca 769, Seca 799, Seca 634, Seca 635, Seca 869 and Seca 899.

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