Seca are the world leader in medical scales, they also offer first-class service. Seca has been perfecting the skill of developing innovative weighing technologies and combining them with practice-oriented functions since 1840 and has become the worldwide market leader in the field of medical measuring and weighing. 

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  1. Seca 234 Measuring Road
    Seca 234 Measuring Rod

    The Seca 234 is the optional digital measuring rod for Seca 336 baby scales.

    Simplifying baby length measuring with its illuminated LCD display.

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  2. Seca 220
    Seca 220 Telescopic Height Measure

    Seca 220 Telescopic Measuring Rod for Seca Column Scales

    This telescopic measuring rod can be fitted at any time to many seca column scales. It has the same convenient eye-level read out for even taller patients.

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  3. Seca 431 Back Pack
    Seca 431 Backpack

    Seca 431 Backpack/Carry Case for comfortable and safe transport of seca baby scales: 385, 384 & 354.

    Ideal for community midwives and health visitors.

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  4. Seca 415 Carry Case
    Seca 415 Carry Case

    The Seca 415 is a practical carrying case that is designed to safely transport either of the following flat scales: Seca 878, Seca 877 or Seca 875.

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  5. Seca 409 Backpack / Carry Case
    Seca 409 Backpack / Carry Case

    Backpack for varied use.

    Suitable for seca baby scales, flat scales or other measuring systems, e.g. measuring boards.

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  6. Seca 400 Power Adaptor
    Seca 400 Power Adaptor

    Seca 400 power adapter for baby scales, column scales and flat scales.

    Switch-mode power adapter for baby scales Seca 376 and Seca 336 as well as for column and flat scales Seca 703, Seca 704, Seca 769, Seca 799, Seca 634, Seca 635, Seca 869 and Seca 899.

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  7. Seca 217 Stadiometer Height Measure
    Seca 217 Stadiometer Height Measure

    Seca 217 - Stable stadiometer for mobile height measurement

    Ideal solidity and stability

    • Parts fit together perfectly for transport ease.
    • Spacer for additional stability.
    • Robust platform for secure stance.
    • Adapter element seca 437 for connection to a flat scale.



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  8. Seca 813 Personal Scale
    Seca 813 Personal Scale

    Seca 813 Digital Personal Scale

    Capacity 200kg x 100g. 4 x AAA Battery operation. This scale easily holds up to 200 kilograms on their extra-wide platform.

    The tough rubber coating takes the heaviest challenges lightly and the flat construction makes stepping on very easy.

    Bluetooth Option Available 

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  9. Seca 856
    Seca 856

    The Seca 856 Organ Scale fulfils tough hygienic standards. High reliability with protected electronics, reliable weight determination and easy to clean. Capacity 5kg x 1g with 4 x AAA battery operation.

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  10. Seca 207 Measuring Rod

    Seca 207 Baby Measuring Rod with Large Calipers

    Reliable partner for healthy growing

    • Measuring range: 0 - 99cm / 0 - 39"
    • Fixed headpiece and smooth sliding foot positioner.
    • Space saving and mobile
    • Attachable to changing tables or for wall mounting.
    • Foldable calipers for easy storage.
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