Food & Washdown Scales

We stock a large range of food scales and washdown weighing equipment. Multiple weighing software modes are also available to meet food, chemical processing, and packaging requirements.

Washdown industrial floor and bench scales with protection against water, dust and numerous substance ingress are well-suited for weighing food and beverages, powders, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or for any application needing a sealed scale for wet or dusty environments.

Many washdown scales can resist a humid environment and spills of various liquids or solids while others rated at IP69K, can be washed safely with a pressure hose.

Food / Washdown Scales
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  1. VALOR™ 1000 - V12P
    Ohaus VALOR™ 1000 - V12P Stainless Steel Bench Scale - Trade Approved Options Available
    As low as £130.00

    With a food-safe design that is NSF-certified and supports a HACCP system, the Valor®1000 Series is a reliable choice for general food weighing.

    Easy-to-operate Valor®1000 scales feature a two-button operation, a large backlit LCD display and up to 1,500-hour battery life.

    Trade Approved Options available 


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  2. Ohaus Defender 6000
    Ohaus DEFENDER 6000 WASHDOWN - I-D61XW
    As low as £1,787.00

    Advanced IP68/IP69k Washdown Bench Scale

    • Multi-functional & user friendly
    • Stainless Steel Platform
    • Capacities up to 150kg
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  3. Kern Platform Scale SFB-H
    Kern SFB-H
    As low as £790.00
    • Capacities up to 150kg
    • Fully Stainless Steel
    • IP65 and EC Verification
    • Prices from £580
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  4. DEFENDER™ 3000 - I-D33
    Ohaus Defender 3000
    • Built-in RS232 for printing and data connection
    • New: Dynamic weighing - enabling weighing of an unstable load
    • Low Profile, Stainless Steel and Washdown Versions
    • Capacity up to 600kg
    • Modular Design
    • 1"/25mm high LCD weight display with high-contrast backlight
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  5. KERN FFN Series Bench Scale
    KERN FFN Series Bench Scale
    As low as £295.00

    All-round bench scale, protected by stainless steel and IP65 rating, now also with EC type approval [M]

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  6. Stainless Steel LP7610W
    As low as £428.00

    Stainless Steel LP7610W. Capacities range from 6kg x 1g to 150kg x 20g stainless 304 steel base sizes 300mm x 300mm to large 400mm x 500mm Water proof rating IP67.

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  7. Ohaus Valor 3000 Stainless Steel Bench Scale
    Ohaus Valor 3000 Stainless Steel Bench Scale
    As low as £221.00

    Rugged, Full Stainless Steel Design in a High Performance, Portable Scale.

    Ohaus Valor 3000 is a full stainless steel portable scale with IP65 rated models available, food safety certification and HACCP compliance.

    Available in sizes from 200g x 0.01g up to 6kg x 1g Stainless plate size 158mm x 145mm.


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  8. ACS-SS Waterproof Scale
    As low as £259.00

    The ACS - SS Stainless steel waterproof weighing and counting scales of 6kg, 15kg and 30kg capacity. plate size 190mm x 230mm with rechargeable battery operation.

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  9. Ohaus FD Stainless Steel Food Portioning Scale
    As low as £450.00


    Speed, Durability and Cleanliness Designed for Food Service Use.
    The FD is a rugged, multi-use portioning scale designed for use in food service applications. Ideally suited for food portioning and check weighing, the FD combines an easily cleaned design, fast display and high precision load cell. Designed for use in restaurants, bakeries, food manufacturing and other areas requiring fast operation and flexibility, the FD scale offers durability and cleanliness in one economical design.
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