Baxtran BCD High Resolution Counting Scale with Remote Platform Counting System


Connects to 3000kg base 1200mm x 1200mm heavy duty mild steel fabrication auxiliary platform.

Baxtran BCD High-Resolution Counting Scale with Remote Platform Counting System - Low and High Capacity Weighing in One

A 30 Kg capacity bench-style counting scale is linked to a 3000kg capacity 1200x1200 mm steel low profile weighing platform.

This configuration has the advantage within many industries, allowing the bulk counting of many items by selecting to weigh with either the scale pan or large platform according to the size and weight of the items to be counted. Capacity 30 Kg. / 1g-3000 Kg/0.5kg

  • Backlight LCD displays with digits of 20 mm.
  • Individual displays for the weight (6 digits), unit weight (6 digits), and a number of pieces (6 digits).
  • 16 function indication symbols.
  • Connectable to an auxiliary platform, bi-scale.
  • ABS housing.
  • Stainless steel pan.
  • Pan size: 300x230 mm.
  • IP44 protection.
  • High resolution, 60.000 internal divisions.
  • Aluminum load cell.
  • 20 keys.
  • 100 PLUs with description, weight, units, and tare.
  • Overload protection.
  • Bubble level.
  • Blister included.
  • Adjustable feet in height.
  • Operating temperature range: 0ºC +40ºC.
  • Internal recharged battery.
  • Power supply with adaptor AC/DC 230Vac 50Hz.
  • Units: kg.
  • RS232. Print and PC format.
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