Mild Steel U Frame Pallet Scale

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Heavy-Duty Mild Steel U-Frame Pallet Scale with LP7510B IP65 Weighing Indicator

Mild Steel U-Frame Pallet Scale

A heavy-duty device to make weighing palletised goods easier. This popular platform is ideal for use in factory and warehouse areas. Build your bespoke scale using the options below. If you require something with additional functionality, please contact us.

  • Mild steel structure
  • Handle and wheels for portability
  • Heavy-duty pallet scale
  • 4m of loadcell cable included
  • Powered by mains or rechargeable battery
  • Designed for weighing palletised goods


LP7510B Weighing Indicator

The LP indicator is the standard indicator that is included with the pallet scale bases or weighs beams and U-frame pallet weighers, either fabricated in mild steel or stainless steel construction. It can be calibrated to any of the capacities that are available for the platform scale.

Features include:

  • LED: 6-digits, 0.8”, plus 13 status indicator.
  • Key: 7 double functions, flexible membrane.
  • Housing:  Mild Steel IP65.
  • Mounting: desk-top, wall, column, adjustable angle.
  • Functions: Zero, gross, net, accumulating, printing. Counting, classifying, check to weigh, animal-scale.
  • Display: kg - 10 times higher resolution.
  • Power: 110/220VAC(-15%~+10%),50/60Hz.
  • Accuracy: 6000e, max:30000d; resolution0.3μV/e.
  • Supply: 5VDC, short-circuit proof. Min. 75ohm.
  • A / D: 24 bits of delta-sigma converter, 100 times/s.
  • Input signal:  -36mV~+36mV ( zero and span )
  • Dimensions: 230mm x 160mm x 155mm (WxHxD)
  • Thermal Receipt Printer option for hard copy of indicator read-out. 
  • Optional Weight Indicator Stand with four adjustable feet   


What are the benefits of U-Frame Scales?

U-Frame scales are a lightweight and portable solution for weighing palletised goods.

With handles and wheels, they can be easily moved to where you need them and stored away when not in use.

U-Frame scales are hard wearing and designed to accommodate pallet trucks between the forks of the U-Frame. They are also powered by rechargeable batteries for extra flexibility.

Why should I choose the U-Frame Scale?

The Mild Steel U-Frame is suitable for weighing items up to 1500kg. A wide variety of indicators are available to allow you to create a custom weighing device.

The scale is easy to use. Simply lower the pallet onto the U-Frame and then simply read the weight on the indicator.

The scale comes with 4m of armoured load cell cable to provide strength and durability for reliable weighing.

With features such as negative weighing, wireless connectivity and liquid filling, we will have a solution to fit your requirements. For assistance, contact us today.

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